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Ruby Veronica Earrings


Truly stunning earrings from our Garden Collection. made with sparkling Ruby Briolettes set on 14k Gold Filled chain that tassels down off of 24k Gold Vermeil Beads at the top. These earrings are 3″ long and the Briolettes are 13X8mm. These earrings are part of a matching set but can be worn on their own ( see Ruby Veronica Necklace).


$180        I-EG126


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Autumn Grapevine Earrings


These nature inspired gold leaf earrings are made with Peridot Briolettes and Amethyst Briolettes. The lifelike leaves are 24k Gold Vermeil and attached to the earwires with the dripping gems set on 14k Gold filled chain. These earrings measure 2 3/4″ and the gems are 8×6 and 12X8mm.


$120        G-EG109



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Wisteria Earrings


These earrings are part of our Garden Jewelry Collection and are inspired by the colors of blooming Wisteria in the Spring. These earrings feature 3 different colors and shapes of Briolettes in Amethyst. There is the traditional drop, a cushion cut shape and a marquise cut Amethyst at the bottom. The gems are set on Sterling Silver chain and measure about 2″, the gems range from 9X9- 12X7mm.


$65        G-ES166


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Tree of Green Earrings


These Peridot earrings are elegant and simple enough for everyday wear or for weddings or special occasions. They are made with Sterling Silver and Tsavorite faceted rondelles to add a richness of green to the Peridot. These earrings are just under 2″ in length and the Briolettes are 10X6mm.


$65        G-ES168



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Rain Drop Earrings


These earrings can be worn everyday for casual or formal occasions. They can be mixed with Southwest style jewelry or worn on their own. These earrings are made with Turquoise and Sterling Silver and they measure 2.5″. The Turquoise drops are 16X12mm and the carved Turquoise beads are 7mm.


$40        SF-ES115



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Abalone Tibetan Knot Earrings


These gorgeous Abalone pieces make a statement without being too large or heavy. Carved Abalone in the shape of the Tibetan knot set with Fresh Water Pearls on Sterling Silver. These earrings measure just under 3″ and the Abalone pieces are 40X25mm.


$50        TI-ES101



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Lagoon Earrings


Perfect earrings for everyday wear! With multicolored Abalone, these earrings are likely to match almost any outfit. These earrings measure about an 1.5″ and are set on Sterling Silver and the Abalone measure 21X14mm.


$30        EL-ES139


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Petite Mermaid’s Tail Earrings


These are a shorter version of our most popular Mermaid’s Tail Earrings for those who wear smaller earrings with less dangle. These earrings are made with high quality Abalone briolette style drops set on Sterling Silver Chain. These earrings measure 2″ in length and the Abalone’s are 15X12mm.


$57        P-ES132


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Moon Earrings


These Labradorite Earrings flash blue and green in the light and are set on Sterling Silver wire, with Balinese Sterling Silver Beads and earwires. These earrings measure 1 3/4″ and the Briolettes are 17X12mm. These are great for everyday wear or special occasions. Labradorite is the stone for women, relieving stress and bringing positivity.


$45        EL-ES150


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Pearl Crown Earrings


Classic White Pearl Earrings with a stylish bright Sterling Silver Cap that accentuates the tear drop shape. These earrings are perfect for a wedding or special occasion. These earrings measure 1.5″ and the Pearls are 12X10mm. If you are looking to create a set there is also a matching leather lariat that goes perfectly with these earrings (see Pearl Crown Lariat).


$40        E-ES136



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Turkish Coffee Earrings


These earrings are part of the Turkish Coffee Set but can be worn on their own. Chocolately Bronze Pearls are accented with 24k Gold Vermeil Caps, with Swarovski Crystals and 14k Gold Filled Earwires. These earrings measure and 1 1/4″ and the Pearls are 11mm.


$50        K-EG106



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Golden Tassel Earrings


These beautiful glowing gold earrings are made with 24k Gold Vermeil Beads and 14k Gold Filled Chain and earwires. The Tassel earrings measure 3 1/4″ long and the largest beads are 13x12mm. Our Gold Vermeil is made with 40X the standard amount of gold so it really lasts and stays bright and beautiful as does the 14k Gold Filled Chain.


$150        I-EG120


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Stella Gold Earrings


For a look that radiates beauty these earrings are made with 18k Turkish Gold, 14k Gold filled chain and earwires and gold Swarovski crystals.


$160          E-EG138

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Love is in the details Earrings


Flashing blue Labradorite paired with soft Silver Fresh Water Pearls and Sterling Silver. If you look closely you can see a heart inclusion in one of the Labradorite stones. These are part of a matching set but can be purchased separately (see Love is in the details Necklace).


$70           L-ES100

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Artemis Earrings


Lovely white tear drop Fresh Water Pearls capped with 18k Gold Vermeil and tear drop hammered Gold Vermeil beads with 14k Gold filled earwires.


$70           E-EG140

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Eye of the Desert Earrings


These earrings are a beautiful statement with delicate Turquoise and hammered Sterling Silver.


$88           SF-ES112

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White Mermaid’s Tail Earrings


Cascading white Mother of Pearl creates a fishtail pattern down 14k Gold filled chain and earwires.


$77           P-EG100

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Autumn’s Gate Earrings


These exquisite earrings make a striking statement. Bright 24k pure Gold plating over Sterling Silver with more than 40X more Gold than standard plating. The bright Gold creates a look of radiance and the sculpted swirls give a look of refinement and quality.


$150            G-EG111



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Garnet Lantern Earrings


Golden swirls with flowing Garnet tassels create a look that is cultural and classic. Made with 24k Gold Vermeil with 14k Gold Filled Chain and earwires, with Mozambique Garnets and Gold Swarovski Crystals.



$130            I-EG110



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Ballroom Earrings


These earrings add a flash of sparkle to the traditional Pearl earring. Made with white Fresh Water Pearls and Gold pave beads with Swarovski crystals.


$50            E-EG134



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Mermaid’s Tail Earrings


One of our most popular earrings. Made with cascading Abalone briolettes and Sterling Silver chain and earwires. Each Abalone catches the light and shimmers green, blue and purple.



$67            P-ES118



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Cleo Earrings


Inspired by the jewelry of royalty these elegant earrings were created with 22kt Gold Vermeil and Freshwater Pearls.

$65            E-EG122

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Genevieve Earrings


These earrings will make you feel like ‘the Girl with the Pearl Earring.’ Gorgeous Freshwater Pearls accented with carousel Sterling Silver caps and finished with fleur-de-lis leverback earwires.

$55            E-ES142

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Bleeding Heart Earrings


Inspired by the Bleeding Heart flower these earrings show the dripping petals cascading down from a golden spiral branch. Made with faceted Amethyst briolettes that glow and twinkle in the light and 22kt Gold Vermeil.

$100            G-EG103

Sold Out

If you are interested in these earrings contact us for a custom pair like them

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Nautilus Spiral Earrings


A design from our Thai collection. Modern and stylish these organic hooks are dripping with Thai silver shells and spirals.

$60            T-ES102

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Afternoon Prayer Earrings


A beautiful design from our India collection. Golden Om charms glow against the tropical sea blue stones.  These earrings are made with 24kt Gold Vermeil and Appatite.

$70            I-EG101

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Priyanka Earrings


These earrings represent the sweet beauty of India and it’s people. Created with 22kt Gold Vermeil, Yellow and Orange Sapphires, Garnet and Citrine. These earrings are part of a matching set, but can be purchased separately (see Necklace section.)

$65            I-EG102

Sold Out

If you are interested in these earrings contact us for a custom pair

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Garnet Carousel Earrings


These striking earrings are from our Europe collection. Black and red Garnets dance around the Sterling silver carousel cap accented by orange Sapphires and purple/ copper Freshwater Pearls.

$120            G-ES140

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Lilac Earrings

Lilac Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

Deep purple and pink Amethyst dangle from a fleur de lis chandelier and are accented with purple Freshwater Pearls. These are made with Sterling Silver and are on French hooks.


$90            E-ES108

Sold Out

If you are interested in these earrings contact us for a custom pair like them

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Pearl Spiral Earrings

Pearl Spiral Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These modern spirals bridge the gap between hoop and dangle earrings. The organic hooks are Sterling Silver and the tear drops are Baroque Freshwater Pearls. They can be worn dressy or casual as they are very simple yet striking.

$70            EL-ES106

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Carolyn Earrings

Carolyn Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These earrings feature high luster Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski crystals. The Pearls come in shades of peach, lavender and pink. They are wire wrapped on oval chain and are accented by Balinese silver. These are part of a matching set, but can be purchased separately (see Carolyn Lariat).

$50            E-ES102

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Andromeda Earrings

Andromeda Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These earrings are dark, elegant and bound to make a statement. Four stranded tassels with black Freshwater Pearls and dark gray diamond and square Swarovski crystals. They are wire wrapped on oval link chain.

$50            E-ES106

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Moon Shell Earrings

Moon Shell Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These earrings feature beautiful Labradorite coins and nuggets, Each piece glows with fire under the surface in green, blue and gold. These are three layered tassels on sterling silver diamond link chain, accented by Thai and Tasco silver. This is part of a matching set, but can be purchased separately (see Lariat section).

$60            EL-ES118

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Camille Earrings

Camille Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

A clean and sophisticated design from our European collection. These earrings feature Freshwater Pearls in shades of black, silver and white. They are a tassel style wire wrapped on Sterling Silver chain.

$40            E-ES104

Sold Out

If you are interested in these earrings contact us for a custom pair like them

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Horizon Earrings

Horizon Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These earrings are part of our Santa Fe collection. Featuring Southwest Turquoise and Bali silver, wire wrapped on sterling silver chain.

$40            SF-ES102

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Pearl Tassel Earrings

Pearl Tassel Earrings - Blue Lotus Jewelry

These cascading Freshwater Pearl earrings are part of our India Collection. Each pearl is a different shade of purple and blue dangling from Sterling Silver florentine chain. The cap is a Balinese silver crown that shapes the tassel.

$80            I-ES100

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