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Joy Necklace


This necklace is made with high quality Citrine beads and Briolette in the center. 24K Faceted Gold Vermeil Beads and sprinkled throughout. Citrine is the stone of wealth, success and joy. This necklace measures 16-18″ with an extender chain at the back.




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Moorea Sunrise Necklace


A stunning Necklace made with Green Chalcedony and high Luster Fresh Water Pearls from Thailand set with a 14k Gold Filled Filigree Clasp and 24k Gold Vermeil Beads. This necklace measures 16″.




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Persia Devi Necklace


An exquisite necklace to bring out your inner Goddess. High quality faceted Lapis Lazuli Briolettes and beads are accented with 24k Gold Vermeil rondelle Beads and 14k Gold Chain that cascades the drops towards to center for an elegant and flattering look. This piece has an extender chain to adjust the length and measures 14.5-17″. The Briolettes are 13x9mm and the beads are 3mm and larger accent beads are 7X5mm.




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Tenzin Necklace


This necklace features rich green/blue Turquoise with Thai, Balinese and Tibetan Silver. The pendant is from Tibet made with Sterling Silver, fossilized Coral and Turquoise and is strung on strong flex wire that measures 16″.


$160          TI-NS101

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Violet Moon Necklace


This Necklace is Sterling Silver with gems dripping off the Moon and Stars Charm at the center. The gemstones are deep purple and lavender Amethyst set on spiral rope chain. This necklace measures 18″ around the neck and the last gem drops to about 23″. The Moon and Stars charm is 24X18mm and the Briolettes are 12X8- 14X8mm.





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Spring Wisteria Necklace


This necklace is made with Amethyst in green and purple and blue Quartz set on a 24k Gold Vermeil branch and attached to 14k Gold Filled Chain. This necklace measure 17″ and can be as long as 18″ with an extender chain at the back.


$170        G-NG125


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Snowy Wreath Necklace


White Fresh Water Pearls suspended in 14k Gold Filled Chain with a 24k Gold Vermeil Wreath. A perfect piece to wear for a special occasion or to dress up an outfit. This necklace measures 18″ and the Pearls range from 4-8mm.


$160        G-NG110


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Ruby Lotus Necklace


This India inspired necklace shows the beautify of the Ruby accented with 24k Gold Vermeil. The Rubies are 4mm faceted and the necklace measure 16-18.5″ that is adjustable with an extender chain at the back which is made of 14k Gold Filled chain.


$280        I-NG141


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Champagne Necklace


Sparkling and stunning this necklace catches the light from every angle. This necklace is made with Champagne colored Swarovski crystals and finished with 14k Gold Filled clasp and extender chain. This piece measures 16-18″.




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Harvest Necklace


This elegant necklace is made with spicy Carnelian stones, Hyacinth colored Cathedral Beads, 14k Gold Filled Diamond Links and 24k Gold Vermeil beads. The Carnelian is 4mm faceted with a 12mm almond Briolette at the bottom. This necklace measures 18″ and the Carnelian drop ends around 24″.


$110          S-NG108


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Ruby Veronica Necklace


This necklace is made with faceted Rubies, 24k Gold Vermeil and 14k Gold Filled spiral rope chain. The Gold Vermeil is a high quality plating that uses 40X the standard amount of gold and stays bright and beautiful over time. The chain is Gold Filled and doesn’t wear away or tarnish like plated chains do. This piece measures 18″ and the Rubies are 11x8mm.


$220        G-NG124


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Lavender Wine


The Lavender Wine Necklace creates the look of a tassel with Champagne colored Swarovski cascading down to a large faceted Amethyst briolette drop. This piece is set on 14k Gold Filled Chain and finished with a 14k Gold Filled Filigree clasp. This necklace measures 18″ around the neck and the drop extends about 2.25″. The Amethyst briolette is 10X18mm and the Swarovski crystals are 6X11mm. This necklace can be made longer or shorter upon request.


$150        G-NG127


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Tree of Green Necklace


This necklace gives a new look to Tree of Life Jewelry. This tree pendant is dripping with Tourmaline briolettes and is framed by Peridot briolettes creating a flow towards the center. 4mm faceted Peridot are strung on strong flex wire with green Tsavorite Garnets and Sterling Silver. This necklace measures 16″.


$220        G-NS132




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Lapis Temple Necklace


The Lapis Temple Necklace is inspired by the look of the Mala but with more than 108 beads. This piece is made with 4mm rich blue Lapis Lazuli beads and a 7mm faceted Lapis set with 10mm Sterling Silver Coin Bead from Thailand and a blue silk Tassel. The Lapis beads are strung with Thai hill tribe beads for accents. This necklace measures 32″ and in the mala style has no clasp as it can easily be fit over the head.


$140        I-NS119


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October Lights Necklace


The October Lights Necklace features truly exceptional quality Ethiopian Golden Opals faceted in a graduated strand with the largest at the center. The necklace is accented with 14k Gold Filled Balinese style spacers and finished with a 14k Gold Filled Clasp and extender chain and measures 14-17″ in length.


$350        S-NG106


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Taj Lotus Necklace


This necklace is simple yet stunning. The blue Sapphire beads shimmer as they catch the light accented by Sterling Silver spacers and a detailed Lotus pendant is featured as the centerpiece. This necklace measures 16″ and is finished with a Sterling Silver filigree clasp.


$260        I-NS117


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Rain Cloud Necklace


A swirling artistic toggle clasp is the centerpiece of this unique necklace. Made with Labradorite, Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystals.


$90           EL-NS135

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Sophia Necklace


A stunning necklace made with Swarovski crystals and finished with a 14k Gold filled clasp.


$160           E-NG127

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Eye of the Moon Necklace


This necklace makes a gorgeous statement, it  is made with Sterling Silver chain and large Labradorite drops that each catches the light in a different spot and color.


$95            EL-NS133


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Water Temple Necklace


This calming blue tassel Necklace is made with Turquoise and bright Sterling Silver finished with a silk tassel.


$120           I-NS113

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Royal Temple Necklace


This elegant tassel necklace is made with rich purple Amethyst and accented with bright Bali and Thai Sterling Silver.


$130            I-NS111

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Alexandra Necklace


A luxurious necklace cascading with Gold and Green. This piece is made with Chrysoprase, 24k Gold Vermeil and 14k Gold Filled Chain. The chain spirals and compliments the golden swirls in the 24k Gold Vermeil beads.



$220            E-NG106



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Water Lotus Necklace


This stunning necklace is made with Aquamarine, Apatite, Tanzanite, London Blue Topaz and 24k Gold Vermeil. Each bead is faceted and shimmers like water when it catches the light. A truly special piece made with high quality gems and materials.



$280            I-NG123



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Mermaids Tail Necklace


This shimmering beauty is made with Abalone, Fresh Water Pearls and Sterling Silver. The Abalone catches the light in shades of purple, blue, pink and green and is complimented by faceted Fresh Water Pearls. This necklace is part of a set, but can be purchased separately. See the Mermaid’s Tail Earrings to complete this gorgeous look.


$120            P-NS106


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Irish Leaves Necklace


This lovely necklace was inspired by the rich greens of Ireland. Faceted Peridot interspersed with Green Fresh Water Pearls and bright Sterling Silver caps and Silver over bronze leaf centerpiece with dripping Green Tourmaline and Peridot Briolettes.



$120            G-NS122



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Neela Necklace


Electric Tanzanite catches the light as it twinkles and glows from the neck of the wearer. This piece is slightly graduated and ranges from 4mm in the middle of the necklace to 3mm at the back. It is accented with Bali Sterling Silver and has an elegant Silver Filigree clasp. This necklace measures 16 3/4″.



$190            I-NS100



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Fire Lotus Necklace


This spicy necklace is made with Mexican Fire Opal and a 24kt Gold Vermeil Lotus charm. Each faceted bead is graduated in color ranging from deep red, firey orange, gold and milky white. This piece measures 17 1/4″ and can be customized to be made longer if desired.



$220            I-NG125



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Mystic Necklace


This piece is made with Green and Gold Tourmaline on 14kt Gold Filled chain. It glimmers and glows with rich olive greens and warm golds. Mystic resemble the colors of fall but can be worn beautifully anytime of year. It has an extender chain and ranges from 15 1/2- 17 3/4″.



$130            I-NG119



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Tangerine Dreams Necklace


This sparkling necklace is made with Tangerine Sapphires and 24kt Gold Vermeil Lotus charm and beads. The Sapphires are truly exquisite catching the light with a color that resembles a sunset. This piece is made with an extender chain length ranges from 16-18″ and has a 5mm 24kt Gold Vermeil lobster clasp.



$180            I-NG129



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Autumn Berry Necklace


This necklace was hand wire wrapped with love made with golden Fresh Water Pearls and 14kt Gold Filled wire and chain. Each Pearl is a different shade of gold ranging from campagne, shimmery gold to a deep bronze color. This piece is 16 1/4″ and finished with an 11mm 14kt Gold filled lobster clasp. This piece can be customized to be longer if desired.



$130            S-NG102



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